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Название серии Показ в US
IL01 Pokemon, I Choose You! 8 Sep 98
IL02 Pokemon Emergency! 9 Sep 98
IL03 Ash Catches A Pokemon 10 Sep 98
IL04 Challenge of the Samurai 11 Sep 98
IL05 Showdown in Pewter City 14 Sep 98
IL06 Clefairy And The Moon Stone 15 Sep 98
IL07 The Waterflowers Of Cerulean City 16 Sep 98
IL08 The Path to the Pokemon League 17 Sep 98
IL09 The School of Hard Knocks 18 Sep 98
IL10 Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village 21 Sep 98
IL11 Charmander The Stray Pokemon 22 Sep 98
IL12 Here Comes The Squirtle Squad 23 Sep 98
IL13 Mystery At The Lighthouse 24 Sep 98
IL14 Electric Shock Showdown 25 Sep 98
IL15 Battle Aboard The St. Anne 7 Sep 98
IL16 Pokemon Shipwreck 29 Sep 98
IL17 Island of the Giant Pokemon 30 Sep 98
IL18 Aopuruko no Kyuujitsu 24 Jun 00
IL19 Tentacool & Tentacruel 1 Oct 98
IL20 The Ghost of Maiden's Peak 4 Oct 98
IL21 Bye Bye Butterfree 5 Oct 98
IL22 Abra and the Psychic Showdown 6 Oct 98
IL23 The Tower of Terror 7 Oct 98
IL24 Haunter versus Kadabra 8 Oct 98
IL25 Primeape Goes Bananas 9 Oct 98
IL26 Pokemon Scentsation! 12 Oct 98
IL27 Hypno's Naptime 13 Oct 98
IL28 Pokemon Fashion Flash 14 Oct 98
IL29 The Punchy Pokemon 15 Oct 98
IL30 Sparks Fly for Magnemite 16 Oct 98
IL31 Dig Those Diglett! 19 Oct 98
IL32 The Ninja PokeShowdown 20 Oct 98
IL33 The Flame Pokemonathon! 21 Oct 98
IL34 The Kangaskhan Kid 22 Oct 98
IL35 Miniryuu no Densetsu Не показана
IL36 The Bridge Bike Gang 23 Oct 98
IL37 Ditto's Mysterious Mansion 26 Oct 98
IL38 Dennou Senshi Porigon Не показана
SP1 Holiday Hi-Jynx 11 Dec 99
SP2 Snow Way Out 18 Dec 99
IL39 Pikachu's Goodbye 27 Oct 98
IL40 The Battling Eevee Brothers 28 Oct 98
IL41 Wake Up Snorlax! 29 Oct 98
IL42 Showdown at Dark City 30 Oct 98
IL43 The March of the Exeggutor Squad 2 Nov 98
IL44 The Problem with Paras 13 Feb 99
IL45 The Song of Jigglypuff 20 Feb 99
IL46 Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokemon 27 Feb 99
IL47 A Chansey Operation 6 Mar 99
IL48 Holy Matrimony! 13 Mar 99
IL49 So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd 20 Mar 99
IL50 Who Gets to Keep Togepi? 27 Mar 99
IL51 Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden 3 Apr 99
IL52 The Case of the K9 Caper 10 Apr 99
IL53 Pokemon Paparazzi 17 Apr 99
IL54 The Ultimate Test 24 Apr 99
IL55 The Breeding Center Secret 1 May 99
IL56 Princess VS. Princess 4 Sep 99
IL57 The PurrFect Hero 11 Sep 99
IL58 Riddle Me This 18 Sep 99
IL59 Volcanic Panic 18 Sep 99
IL60 Beach BlankOut Blastoise 20 Sep 99
IL61 The Misty Mermaid 23 Sep 99
IL62 Clefairy Tales 25 Sep 99
IL63 The Battle of the Badge 25 Sep 99
IL64 It's Mr. Mime Time 27 Sep 99
IL65 Showdown at the Poke Corral 30 Sep 99
IL66 The Evolution Solution 2 Oct 99
IL67 The PiKahuna 2 Oct 99
IL68 Make Room for Gloom 4 Oct 99
IL69 Lights, Camera, Quacktion! 8 Oct 99
IL70 Go West Young Meowth 9 Oct 99
IL71 To Master the Onixpected 11 Oct 99
IL72 The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis 14 Oct 99
IL73 Bad to the Bone 16 Oct 99
IL74 All Fired Up! 23 Oct 99
IL75 Round One Begin! 30 Oct 99
IL76 Fire and Ice 6 Nov 99
IL77 The Fourth Round Rumble 13 Nov 99
IL78 A Friend In Deed 20 Nov 99
IL79 Friend and Foe Alike 27 Nov 99
IL80 Friends to the End 27 Nov 99
IL81 Pallet Party Panic 4 Dec 99
  Orange Islands  
OI01 A Scare in the Air (aka Spirits in the Sky) 8 Jan 00
OI02 Pokeball Peril 15 Jan 00
OI03 The Lost Lapras 22 Jan 00
OI04 Fit to Be Tied 5 Feb 00
OI05 Pikachu ReVolts 5 Feb 00
OI06 The Crystal Onix 5 Feb 00
OI07 In The Pink 12 Feb 00
OI08 Shell Shock 4 Mar 00
OI09 Stage Fight! 12 Feb 00
OI10 Bye Bye Psyduck 26 Feb 00
OI11 The Joy of Pokemon 4 Mar 00
OI12 Navel Maneuvers 11 Mar 00
OI13 Snack Attack 25 Mar 00
OI14 A Shipful of Shivers 25 Mar 00
OI15 Meowth Rules! 25 Mar 00
OI16 Tracey Gets Bugged 1 Apr 00
OI17 A Way Off Day Off! 8 Apr 00
OI18 The Mandarin Island Mismatch 15 Apr 00
OI19 Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon 22 Apr 00
OI20 Get Along Little, Pokemon 29 Apr 00
OI21 The Mystery Menace 6 May 00
OI22 Misty Meets Her Match 9 Sep 00
OI23 Bound for Trouble 26 Aug 00
OI24 Charizard Chills 2 Sep 00
OI25 The Pokemon Water War 9 Sep 00
OI26 Pokemon Food Fight!9 Sep 00
OI27 Pokemon Double Trouble 9 Sep 00
OI28 The Wacky Watcher! 16 Sep 00
OI29 The Stun Spore Detour 16 Sep 00
OI30 Hello Pummelo! 23 Sep 00
OI31 Enter The Dragonite 23 Sep 00
OI32 Viva Las Lapras 30 Sep 00
OI33 The Underground Round-Up 30 Sep 00
OI34 A Tent Situation 7 Oct 00
OI35 The Rivalry Revival14 Oct 00
  Johto Journeys  
JJ01 Don't Touch That 'dile 14 Oct 00
JJ02 The Double Trouble Header21 Oct 00
JJ03 A Sappy Ending 28 Oct 00
JJ04 Roll On, Pokemon! 4 Nov 00
JJ05 Illusion Confusion! 4 Nov 00
JJ06 Flower Power 11 Nov 00
JJ07 Spinarak Attack 11 Nov 00
JJ08 Snubble Snobbery 18 Nov 00
JJ09 The Little Big Horn 18 Nov 00
JJ10 The Chikorita Rescue 25 Nov 00
JJ11 Once in a Blue Moon 2 Dec 00
JJ12 The Whistle Stop 2 Dec 00
JJ13 Ignorance is Blissey 9 Dec 00
JJ14 A Bout With Sprout 16 Dec 00
JJ15 Fighting Flyer With Fire 16 Dec 00
JJ16 For Crying Out Loud 20 Jan 01
JJ17 Tanks a Lot!27 Jan 01
JJ18 Charizard's Burning Ambitions 3 Feb 01
JJ19 Grin to Win! 10 Feb 01
JJ20 Chikorita's Big Upset 20 Jan 01
JJ21 Foul Weather Friends 10 Feb 01
JJ22 The Superhero Secret 17 Feb 01
JJ23 Mild 'n Wooly 17 Feb 01
JJ24 Wired For Battle! 24 Feb 01
JJ25 Good 'Quil Hunting 3 Mar 01
JJ26 A Shadow of a Drought 10 Mar 01
JJ27 Going Apricorn! 17 Mar 01
JJ28 Gettin' the Bugs Out 24 Mar 01
JJ29 A Farfetch'd Tale 31 Mar 01
JJ30 Tricks of the Trade 24 Mar 01
JJ31 The Fireing Squad! 21 Apr 01
JJ32 No Big Woop! 31 Mar 01
JJ33 Tunnel Vision7 Apr 01
JJ34 Hour of the Houndour 14 Apr 01
JJ35 The Totodile Duel 5 May 01
JJ36 Hot Matches! 12 May 01
JJ37 Love, Totodile Style 26 May 01
JJ38 Fowl Play! 28 Apr 01
JJ39 Forest Grumps 9 Jun 01
JJ40 The Psychic Sidekicks! 11 Aug 01
JJ41 The Fortune Hunters 2 Jun 01
  Johto League Champions 
JLC01 A Goldenrod Opportunity 18 Aug 01
JLC02 A Dairy Tale Ending 18 Aug 01
JLC03 Air Time! 8 Sep 01
JLC04 The Bug Stops Here 25 Aug 01
JLC05 Type Casting 1 Sep 01
JLC06 Fossil Fools 1 Sep 01
JLC07 Carrying On! 22 Sep 01
JLC08 Hassle in the Castle 22 Sep 01
JLC09 Two Hits and a Miss 15 Sep 01
JLC10 A Hot Water Battle 29 Sep 01
JLC11 Hook, Line, and Stinker 29 Sep 01
JLC12 Beauty and the Breeder 6 Oct 01
JLC13 A Better Pill to Swallow 13 Oct 01
JLC14 Power Play! 20 Oct 01
JLC15 Mountain Time 20 Oct 01
JLC16 Wobbu-Palooza! 27 Oct 01
JLC17 Imitation Confrontation 27 Oct 01
JLC18 The Trouble with Snubbull 3 Nov 01
JLC19 Ariados, Amigos 3 Nov 01
JLC20 Wings 'n' Things 17 Nov 01
JLC21 The Grass Route 17 Nov 01
JLC22 The Apple Corp! 1 Dec 01
JLC23 Houndoom's Special Delivery 1 Dec 01
JLC24A Ghost of a Chance 10 Nov 01
JLC25 From Ghost to Ghost 10 Nov 01
JLC26 Trouble's Brewing 8 Dec 01
JLC27 All That Glitters! 15 Dec 01
JLC28 The Light Fantastic 15 Dec 01
JLC29 UnBEARable 19 Jan 02
JLC30 Moving Pictures 26 Jan 02
JLC31 Spring Fever 2 Feb 02
JLC32 Freeze Frame 9 Feb 02
JLC33 The Stolen Stones! 16 Feb 02
JLC34 The Dunsparce Deception 23 Feb 02
JLC35 The Wayward Wobbuffet 2 Mar 02
JLC36 Sick Daze 9 Mar 02
JLC37 Ring Masters 16 Mar 02
JLC38 The Poke Spokesman 23 Mar 02
JLC39 Control Freak! 30 Mar 02
JLC40 The Art of Pokemon 6 Apr 02
JLC41 The Heartbreak of Brock 13 Apr 02
JLC42 Current Events 27 Apr 02
JLC43 Turning Over A New Bayleef 4 May 02
JLC44 Doin' What Comes Naturally 18 May 02
JLC45 The Big Balloon Blow-Up 25 May 02
JLC46 The Screen Actor's Guilt 1 Jun 02
JLC47 Right On, Rhydon! 22 Jun 02
JLC48 The Kecleon Caper 17 Aug 02
JLC49 The Joy Of Water Pokemon 24 Aug 02
JLC50 Got Miltank? 31 Aug 02
JLC51 Fight For The Light! 7 Sep 02
JLC52 Machoke, Machoke Man! 7 Sep 02
  Pokemon Master Quest  
MQ01 Around The Whirlpool (The Whirlpool Affair) 14 Sep 02
MQ02 Fly Me To The Moon (The Passionate Pidgey) 21 Sep 02
MQ03 Takin' It On the Chinchou 28 Sep 02
MQ04 A Corsola Caper! 5 Oct 02
MQ05 Mantine Overboard!12 Oct 02
MQ06 Octillery The Outcast 19 Oct 02
MQ07 Dueling Heroes 26 Oct 02
MQ08 The Perfect Match! 2 Nov 02
MQ09 Plant It Now... Diglett Later 9 Nov 02
MQ10 Hi Ho Silver... Away! 16 Nov 02
MQ11 The Mystery is History 23 Nov 02
MQ12 A Parent Trapped! 30 Nov 02
MQ13 A Promise is a Promise 7 Dec 02
MQ14 Throwing in the Noctowl 14 Dec 02
MQ15 Nerves of Steelix! 21 Dec 02
MQ16 Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! 23 Sep 02
MQ17 Espeon, Not Included 24 Sep 02
MQ18 For HoOh The Bells Toll! 25 Sep 02
MQ19 Extreme Pokemon! 4 Jan 03
MQ20 An EGGsighting Adventure! 11 Jan 03
MQ21 Hatching A Plan (Phanpy's Phantastic Arrival) 18 Jan 03
MQ22 Dues and Don'ts 25 Jan 03
MQ23 Just Waiting On a Friend 26 Sep 02
MQ24 A Tyrogue Full of Trouble (Fit to Be Tyrogued!) 1 Feb 03
MQ25 Xatu the Future (Future Shock!) 8 Feb 03
MQ26 Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution 15 Feb 03
MQ27 Rage of Innocence 22 Feb 03
MQ28As Cold as Pryce 1 Mar 03
MQ29 Nice Pryce, Baby! 8 Mar 03
MQ30 Whichever Way the Wind Blows 22 Mar 03
MQ31 Some Like It Hot! 29 Mar 03
MQ32 Hocus Pokemon 5 Apr 03
MQ33 As Clear as Crystal 12 Apr 03
MQ34 Same Old Song and Dance 19 Apr 03
MQ35 Enlighten Up! 26 Apr 03
MQ36 Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? 27 Sep 02
MQ37 Wish Upon a Star Shape 3 May 03
MQ38 Outrageous Fortunes (Outrageous Rewards) 10 May 03
MQ39 One Trick Phony 17 May 03
MQ40 I Politoed Ya So! 24 May 03
MQ41 Koori no Doukutsu! Не показана
MQ42 Beauty is Skin Deep 31 May 03
MQ43 Fangs for Nothin' 7 Jun 03
MQ44 Great Bowls of Fire! 14 Jun 03
MQ45 Better Eight Than Never 21 Jun 03
MQ46 Why? Wynaut! 28 Jun 03
MQ47 Just Add Water 12 Jul 03
MQ48 Lapras of Luxury 26 Jul 03
MQ49 Hatch Me If You Can 9 Aug 03
MQ50 Entei At Your Own Risk 16 Aug 03
MQ51 A Crowning Achievement 23 Aug 03
MQ52 Here's Looking At You, Elekid 30 Aug 03
MQ53 You're A Star, Larvitar! 6 Sep 03
MQ54 Address Unown! 13 Sep 03
MQ55 Mother of All Battles 15 Sep 03
MQ56 Pop Goes the Sneasel 16 Sep 03
MQ57 A Claim to Flame! 17 Sep 03
MQ58 Love, Pokemon Style 18 Sep 03
MQ59 Tie One On! 19 Sep 03
MQ60 The Ties That Bind 20 Sep 03
MQ61Can't Beat the Heat! 27 Sep 03
MQ62 Playing With Fire4 Oct 03
MQ63 Johto Photo Finish 11 Oct 03
MQ64 Gotta Catch Ya Later! 18 Oct 03
MQ65 Hoenn Alone! 25 Oct 03
  Advanced Generation  
AG01 Get the Show on the Road 15 Mar 03
AG02 A Ruin With a View 15 Mar 03
PH01 Brock! Save Pewter Gym!  
AG03 There's No Place Like Hoenn 15 Nov 03
PH02 Revenge Match in Cerulean Gym!  
AG04 You Can Never Taillow! 22 Nov 03
PH03 Tough Battle! Team Rocket Enter!  
AG05 In The Knicker Of Time! 22 Nov 03
AG06 A Poached Ego! 29 Nov 03
AG07 Tree's A Crowd! 29 Nov 03
PH04 Epic Battle at Oak's Lab!  
AG08 A Tail with a Twist 6 Dec 03
AG09 Taming of the Shroomish 6 Dec 03
AG10 You Said a Mouthful 13 Dec 03
AG11 A Bite to Remember! 13 Dec 03
AG12 The Lotad Lowdown 20 Dec 03
AG13All Things Bright and Beautifly! 27 Dec 03
PH05 Misty! Get the Cascade Badge!  
AG14 All in a Day's Wurmple 3 Jan 04
PH06 The Pichu Brothers!  
AG15 Gonna Rule the School! 10 Jan 04
AG16 The Winner By A Nosepass 10 Jan 04
AG17Stairway to Devon 17 Jan 04
AG18 On A Wingull And A Prayer! 24 Jan 04
AG19 Sharpedo Attack! 31 Jan 04
PH07 Pokemon Investigation! Search for Prof. Oak  
AG20 Brave The Wave! 7 Feb 04
AG21 Which Wurmple is Which? 14 Feb 04
AG22 A Hole Lotta Trouble 14 Feb 04
AG23 Gone Corphishin' 21 Feb 04
AG24 A Corphish Out Of Water! 28 Feb 04
AG25 A Mudkip Mission! 13 Mar 04
AG26 Turning Over a Nuzleaf 27 Mar 04
AG27 A Three Team Scheme 03 Apr 04
AG28 Seeing Is Believing 24 Apr 04
AG29 Ready, Willing and Sableye 1 May 04
PH08 Calling On Great Detective Meowth! Is Private Eye Azurill In Great Trouble?  
AG30 A Meditite Fight 8 May 04
AG31 Just One of the Geysers! 15 May 04
AG32 Abandon Ship! 15 May 04
AG33 Now Thats Flower Power! 22 May 04
AG34 Having A Wailord Of A Time 22 May 04
AG35 Win, Lose or Drew! 29 May 04
AG36 The Spheal Of Approval 29 May 04
AG37 Jump For Joy! 28 Aug 04
AG38 A Different Kind Of Misty! 28 Aug 04
AG39 A Pokeblock Party! 4 Sep 04
AG40 Watt's With Wattson? 4 Sep 04
PH09 The Seriousness of Misty's Match! Risking A Life!?  
AG41 What You Seed Is What You Get! 11 Sep 04
AG42 Love at First Flight 16 Oct 04
AG43 Let Bagons Be Bagons 18 Sep 04
AG44 The Princess and the Togepi 25 Sep 04
PH10 Team Rocket! Origin of Love and Youth!  
AG45 The Togepi Mirage!02 Oct 04
PH11 Another Legend of Celebi!  
AG46 Candid Camerupt! 09 Oct 04
PH12 Pallet Town, The Setting Off of the Pokemon Trainer  
AG47 I Feel Skitty! 23 Oct 04
AG48 Zig Zag Zangoose! 23 Oct 04
AG49 Maxed Out! 30 Oct 04
AG50 Pros and Con Artists! 30 Oct 04
AG51 Come What May! 06 Nov 04
AG52 Cheer Pressure! 06 Nov 04
AG53 Game Winning Assist! 13 Nov 04
AG54 Fight for the Meteorite! 13 Nov 04
AG55Poetry Commotion! 20 Nov 04
AG56 Going, Going, Yawn! 20 Nov 04
AG57 Going For A Spinda! 28 Nov 04
AG58 All Torkoal, No Play 28 Nov 04
AG59 Manectric Charge!  
AG60 Delcatty Got Your Tongue!  
AG61Disaster Of Disguise!  
AG62 Disguise Da Limit!  
AG63 Taking The Lombre Home!  
AG64 True Blue Swablu!  
AG65 Gulpin It Down!  
AG66 Exploud And Clear!  
AG67 Go Go Ludicolo!  
PH13 Pokemon Researcher Gary & Aerodactyl!  
AG68 A Double Dilemma!  
AG69 Love, Petalburg Style!  
AG70 Balance Of Power!  
AG71 A Six Pack Attack!  
AG72 The Bicker The Better  
AG73 Grass Hysteria  
AG74 Hokey Pokeballs  
AG75 Whiscash & Ash! 23 Apr 05
AG76 Me, Myself & Time  
AG77 A Fan With A Plan!  
AG78 Cruisin' For a Losin'!  
AG79 Pearls Are A Spoink's Best Friend!  
AG80 That's Just Swellow!  
AG81 Take This House And Shuppet!  
AG82 A Shroomish Skirmish!  
AG83 Unfair Weather Friends  
AG84 Who's Flying Now?  
AG85 A Sky-High Gym Battle  
AG86 Lights, Camerupt, Action!  
AG87 Crazy As A Lunatone!  
AG88 The Garden Of Eatin'!  
AG89 A Scare to Remember!  
AG90 Pokeblock, Stock & Berry!  
AG91 Lessons in Lilycove!  
AG92 Judgement Day!  
AG93 Clamperl of Wisdom  
PH14 Misty & Luvdisc! Love Battle!  
AG94 Really, Really Relicanth  
PH15 Casey and Charizard! Intensive Fire Training!!  
AG95 The Evolutionary War  
PH16 Galloping Sky Legend - Richie and Moltres!  
AG96 Training Wrecks  
AG97 Groudon VS. Kyogre! First Part  
AG98 Groudon VS Kyogre! Part 2  
AG99 Tate & Liza! Space Center Battle!  
AG100 Mossdeep Gym! Lunatone and Solrock!  
AG101 Shaking Island Battle! Barboach vs Whiscash!  
AG102 Seaman! The Elite Four Drake Enters!!  
AG103 Island of Dr. Morohoshi! Fossil Pokemon Appear!!  
AG104 Izabe Island Pokemon Contest! Beware of the Rival!  
AG105 Sealed the Huge Claydol!  
AG106 Falling in Love with Mawile! Lombre's Flower Arrangement!! 
AG107 Trapinch & Vibrava! Lake of Illusion!  
AG108 Absol! Creeping Shadow of Disaster!!  
AG109 Catch Snorunt!  
AG110 Rescue Ralts! Hurry Max!  
AG111 Sootopolis Gym! Ardan, Artist of Water! (Part 1)  
AG112 Sootopolis Gym! Ardan, Artist of Water! (Part 2)  
AG113 Linoone?! A Shape of Friendship!  
AG114 Wynaut's Mirage Island!  
AG115 Rollout! Loving Donphan!  
AG116 Disorderly Melee! Pokemon Contest - Pacifidlog Convention! (Part 1)  
AG117 Disorderly Melee! Pokemon Contest - Pacifidlog Convention! (Part 2)  
AG118 May Deliciously Captures Munchlax!!  
AG119 The Rival Enters! Masamune and Beldum!!  
AG120 The Mysterious Thief Bannai and The Ribbon Cup!!  
AG121 The Curtain Raises! The Grand Festival (1)  
AG122 Fierce Fighting! Grand Festival (2)!  
AG123 Deciding Match! Grand Festival (3)!  
AG124 Relax with Survival!  
AG125 Ever Grande City Arrival! Meowth in Boots!?  
AG126 Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears!!  
AG127 Opening! Ever Grande Tournament!  
AG128 To The Tournament Finals! Every Day A Heated Battle  
AG129 And... Continue The Battle That Wasn't Lost!!  
AG130 Rival Confrontation! VS Masamune!  
AG131 The Last Fierce Fighting! The Road to the Championship!!  
AG132 Scott & The Battle Frontier!!  
AG133 Oak Laboratory! All Members Gathering!!  
AG134 Mt. Moon! With Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable!!  
AG135 First Battle! Battle Factory! (Part 1)  
AG136 First Battle! Battle Factory! (Part 2)  
AG137 The Kingdom of Onix!  
AG138 Jigglypuff's Song, Father's Song!  
AG139 Rival Confrontation! Get Arcanine!  
AG140 Psyduck & Melancholy!  
AG141 Sneasel & Mr. Mime! Which Restaurant?  
AG142 Evolution! That Mystery and Miracle!  
AG143 Pokemon Contest! Saffron Conference! (Part One)  
AG144 Pokemon Contest! Saffron Conference! (Part Two)  
AG145 Hand-to-Hand Fighting Dojo! Ash VS May!  
AG146 Psychic VS Ghost! Midnight Duel!  
AG147 Manene Appears! House of Relaxation!  
AG148 Mudkip and Flaaffy! Wonder Drug of Love?  
AG149 Battle Arena! Fighting Confrontation!  
AG150 The Breeding Center and the Pokemon Egg!  
AG151 The Rival is a SalaryMan  
AG152 Dragonair's Lake!  
AG153 Battle Dome! Combination of Fire and Water!  
AG154 Startling! Frightening! Elekid!!  
AG155 A Pokemon Ranger Appears! The Celebi Rescue Operation!!  
AG156 Bonsly & The Ninja School!  
AG157 May Travels Through Time!  
AG158 Fierce Fighting at the Battle Pike! VS Pike Queen Lucy!  
AG159 Who Single-Handedly has the Championship!? Orienteering!  
AG160 Munchlax's Battle Debut! Harley & Taking the Game Seriously!  
AG161 Grovyle VS Tropius! Grass Field Duel!  
AG162 Pokemon Contest! Yuzuriha Convention!  
AG163 Sceptile! Dawn of Revival!  
AG164 Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!  
AG165 Bonsly King and Manene Queen!?  
AG166 The Red Inazuma Skyscraper  
AG167 Decisive Game! May VS. Brock!!  
AG168 Smoochum and the Three Jynx Sisters!  
AG169 Salon Maiden Anabel Appears!  
AG170 Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle!!  
AG171 Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis  
AG172 Usokkie! Gold Legend!?  
AG173 Harley and Team Rocket! Formation of a Villainous Alliance!?  
AG174 May VS Jessie! The Final Contest  
AG175 Team Rocket's Disbandment!? Respective Roads!  
AG176 Brock & Ash! Defense of Pewter Gym in Tag Battle?  
AG177 Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!  
AG178 Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Slaking!!  
AG179 Begin! Pokemon Contest - Grand Festival!  
AG180 May VS Harley! Double Battle on Stage!  
AG181 May VS Drew! The Final Battle!  
AG182 Aipom and the King!  
AG183 Perappu and Pokemon Comic Dialogue  
AG184 Attack! The Stray Weavile!  
AG185 Battle Pyramid Again! VS Registeel!  
AG186 May VS Drew! Rivals Forever!  
AG187 The Pokemon Center is Very Busy!  
AG188 First Pokemon! Final Battle!  
AG189 Deciding Match! VS Regice!  
AG190 Ash VS May! The Last Battle!  
AG191 End of a Journey, Yet Beginning of a Journey!  
  Pokemon Diamond & Pearl  
DP001 Tabidachi! Futaba Taun Kara Masago Taun E!!  
DP002 Pikachuu wo Sagase! 202 Ban Doro!  
DP003 Raibaru Batoru! San Tai San!!  
DP004 Pocchama Tai Subomi! Hikari Hatsu Batoru!!  
DP005 Naetoru! Getto Da Ze!!  
DP006 Mayoi no Mori! Shinji Futatabi!!  
DP007 Pocchama Ganbaru!!  
DP008 Nazo no Jimu no Guregguru!  
DP009 Mimiroru to Asobou!?  
DP010 Pokecchi Nyuushu Konnan!?  
DP011 Hikari! Kontesuto Debyuu!!  
DP012 Kontesuto Batoru! Raibaru Taiketsu!!  
DP013 Mukkuru Ganbaru!  
DP014 Takeshi ni Omakase!!  
DP015 Kurogane Jimu! Hyouta VS Shinji!!  
DP016 Zugaidosu VS Pikachuu!!  
DP017 Kodai Pokemon Dai Shingeki!!  
DP018 Kurogane Jimu Futatabi! Kessen Ramuparudo!!  
DP019 Pachirisu Getto De... Daijobu!?  
DP020 Pokemon Hantaa J!  
DP021 Saikyou no Koikingu to Mottomo Utsukushii Hinbasu!  
DP022 Pachirisu VS Eipamu! Kontesuto Batoru!!  
DP023 Bakusou Haganeru! Bippa no Mura Wo Mamore!  
DP024 Taiketsu! Satoshi Tai Pikachuu!?  
DP025 Kaiketsu Rozureido to Hana Densetsu!  
DP026 Pokemon Kontesuto! Sonoo Taikai!!  
DP027 Kessen! Pocchama VS Pottaishi!!  
DP028 Fuwante to Kitakaze no Tsukai!  
DP029 Satoshi to Hikari! Taggu Batoru de Daijoubu!?  
DP030 Hakutai no Mori! Minomucchi Shinka Sakusen!!  
DP031 Naetoru Tai Naetoru! Supido Taiketsu!!  
DP032 Kohaku no Shiro no Biikuin!  
DP033 Suki Desu! Pokemon Narikiri Taikai!!  
DP034 Buizeru! Saikyou E no Michi!!  
DP035 Shitennou Goyou to Doutakun!  
DP036 Shinou Jikuu Densetsu!  
DP037 Hakutai Jimu! VS Natane!!  
DP038 Bakutan! Saikuringu Roudo!!  
DP039 Pikachuu no Orusuban!  
DP040 Chanpion Shirona Toujou!!  
DP041 Hikari to Nozomi to Daburu Pafoumansu!!  
DP042 Rakurai Kunren Sentaa!  
DP043 Muumaaji! Akumu Kara no Dasshutsu!!  
DP044 Maigo no Hipopotasu wo Tasukero!  
DP045 Hantaa J Futatabi! Tatetopusu wo Mamore!!  
DP046 Meiro de Shaffuru! Minna de Hassuru!!  
DP047 Miru to Keeshi to Mizu no Soko!  
DP048 Satoshi to Hikari! Aratanaru Bouken ni Mukatte!!  
DP049 Pokemon Kontesuto! Yosuga Taikai!!  
DP050 Zenin Sanka! Taggu Batoru!!  
DP051 Hikozaru VS Zanguusu! Unmei no Batoru!!  
DP052 Taggu Batoru! Fainaru!!  
DP053 Hikozaru no Namida!  
DP054 Natane to Sabonea! Sayonara wa Dare no Tame!?  
DP055 Eipamu to Buizeru! Sorezore no Michi!!  
DP056 Mikaruge no Kanameishi!  
DP057 Biidaru wa Shitteita!  
DP058 Dainouzu! Atsuki Tamashii!!  
DP059 Rentoraa no Hitomi!  
DP060 Zui no Iseki no Announ!  
DP061 Pokemon Kontesuto! Zui Taikai!!  
DP062 Meido Kafe no Mirutanku!  
DP063 Urimuu Torio to Yukemuri Batoru!!  
DP064 Guraion to Guraigaa! Kaze no Meiro wo Nukete!  
DP065 Pachirisu wa Kabarudon no Kuchi no Naka!?  
DP066 Rukario! Ikari no Wadoudan!!  
DP067 Hikari! Hajimete no Jimu Batoru!!  
DP068 Tobari Jimu! Rukario VS Buizeru!!  
DP069 Suteki Fasshon! Sono Nawa Ginga Dan!!  
DP070 Shantoshite Riishan!  
DP071 Pokemon Renjaa! Nami Shirube no Rioru!! (Zenpen)  
DP072 Pokemon Renjaa! Nami Shirube no Rioru!! (Kouhen)  
DP073 Sayonara Dokukeiru!  
DP074 Pikachuu! Raichuu! Shinka E no Michi!!  
DP075 Kontesuto Masutaa Mikuri Toujou!!  
DP076 Resutoran Nanatsu Boshi! Taggu Batoru de Furu Kousu!!  
DP077 Minna Raibaru! Mikuri Kappu!!  
DP078 Gekitou! Sorezore no Batoru!!  
DP079 Kessen! Hikari VS Haruka!!  
DP080 Yanyanma! Getto Sakusen!!  
DP081 Shakunetsu no Hikozaru!  
DP082 Nomose Daishitsugen no Guregguru Matsuri!?  
DP083 Nomose Jimu! VS Makishimamu Kamen!!  
DP084 Urayama-sanchi no Ougui Urimuu!  
DP085 Guraiga! Yuujou no Tsubasa!  
DP086 Yosuga Korekushon! Pokemon Sutairisuto E no Michi!  
DP087 Kodakku no Tousenbo!  
DP088 Pokemon Saama Sukuuru Kaikou!!  
DP089 Kenkyuu Happyou 'Mizuumi no Densetsu'!  
DP090 Houkago wa Gousuto Taimu  
DP091 Saigo no Daishoubu! Pokemon Toraiasuron!!  
DP092 Genten Kaiki da Roketto Dan!?  
DP093 Odoru Jimu Ridaa! Merissa Toujou!!  
DP094 Pachirisu wo Netsu Desu! Ninin de Orusuban!?  
DP095 Pokemon Kontesuto! Kannagi Taikai!!  
DP096 Ginga Dan Shuugeki!! (Zenpen)  
DP097 Ginga Dan Shuugeki !! (kouhen)  
DP098 Ukabumi Mikakunin Kaibutsu!?  
DP099 Shitennou Ryou! Deai to Wakare no Mori!  
DP100 Naetoru Hayashigame... Soshite Dodaitosu!  
DP101 Raibaru Toreenaa Jun Toujou!!  
DP102 Yosuga Jimusen! VS Merissa!!  
DP103 Konsen Konran Mioshiti!  
DP104 Kureseria VS Daakurai!  
DP105 Youkan to Rotomu!  
DP106 Pokemon to Nakayoku Naru Houhou!?  
DP107 Ramuparudo VS Toridepusu!!  
DP108 Mio Jimusen! Wagane no Batoru!!  
DP109 Maigo no Hoeruko!  
DP110 Gen to Rukario!  
DP111 Koutetsu Tou no Iseki!  
DP112 Pikachuu Pocchama Hyouryuuki!  
DP113 Itazura Fione!  
DP114 Pokemon Kontesuto! Akebi Taikai!!  
DP115 Wairudo Junsaa to Aibou Perappu!  
DP116 Fubuki no Naka no Yukimenoko  
DP117 Roketto Dan Kaisan!?  
DP118 Pokeringa! Tenkuu Dai Kessen!!  
DP119 Gekitotsu! Manmuu VS Bosugodora!!  
DP120 Fushigina Ikimono Poketto Monsutaa!  
DP121 Sabishigariya no Yukikaburi!  
DP122 Shinka! Sono Toki Pocchama Wa!?  
DP123 Pokemon Kontesuto! Tatsunami Taikai!!  
DP124 Pokemon Pinpon Taikai! Etebousu Ganbaru!!  
DP125 Cherinbo! Kenagena Batoru!?  
DP126 Toreenaazu Skuuru no Suzuna Sensei!  
DP127 Kissaki Jimu! Koori no Batoru!!  
DP128 Batoru Piramiddo! Shinji VS Jindai!!  
DP129 Fukkatsu no Rejigigasu! J Futatabi!!  
DP130 Denryuu Ressha! Hansamu Toujou!  
DP131 Furu Batoru! Shinji VS Satoshi!! (Zenpen)  
DP132 Furu Batoru! Shinji VS Satoshi!! (Kouhen)  
DP133 Yukushii no Kage!  
DP134 Mori no Ouja! Mojanbo!!  
DP135 Zenin Sansen! Pokemon Hassuru!!  
DP136 Tenganzan no Iseki! Gingadan no Inbou!!  
DP137 Mariru Pocchama Erekiddo!!  
DP138 Hikari VS! Oyako Taiketsu!!  
DP139 Oukido-hakase o Kyuushutsu Seyo! Nyorotono VS Guregguru!!  
DP140 Neiti Neitio... Fushigi na Mori!  
DP141 Tawaa Taikuun! Sono Otoko Kurotsugu!!  
DP142 Shijou Saiaku no Togepii!  
DP143 Jouto Fesuta! Chikoriita to Waninoko Toujou!!  
DP144 Danjon Kouryaku! Tanima no Hatsudensho!  
DP145 Fukamaru... Getto Da Ze!  
DP146 Pokemon Kontesuto! Suiren Taikai!!  
DP147 Satoshi to Hikari! Taggu Batoru!!  
DP148 Muuma to Yamikarasu to Yami no Ishi!  
DP149 Pikachuu Potchama Kuttsukanai De!!  
DP150 Akai Kusari! Ginga-dan Shidou!!  
DP151 Agunomu Yukushi Emuritto!  
DP152 Diaruga to Parukia! Saigo no Tatakai!!  
DP153 Kiken ga Ippai! Kojirou no Takarabako!!  
DP154 Ea Batoru Masutaa Toujou! Guraion VS Hassamu!!  
DP155 Daburu Batoru! Manmuu to Hinoarashi!!  
DP156 Fukamaru to Ryuu Seigun!!  
DP157 Fukamaru! Getto Da Ze!!  
DP158 Bakusou! Jibakoiru VS Metagurosu!!  
DP159 Unare Reitou Panchi! Buizeru VS Bariyaado!!  
DP160 Moeyo Kabigon! Pokesuron no Ouja!!  
DP161 Kaimaku! Pokemon Kontesuto Asatsuki Taikai!!  
DP162 Daburu Batoru! VS Purasuru Mainan!!  
DP163 Baku Shinka! Goukazaru!!  
DP164 Potchama Hagureru!  
DP165 Shitennou Ouba to Jimu Riidaa Denji!  
DP166 Hasshin! Nagisa Tawaa!!  
DP167 Umibe no Pokemon Sukuuru!  
DP168 Tobe Shieimi! Sora no Kanata E!!  
DP169 Pokemon Renjaa! Hiidoran Kyuushutsu Sakusen!!  
DP170 Shitennou Kikuno! Kabarudon VS Dodaitosu!!  
DP171 Togekissu Mau! Oujosama no Pokemon Kontesuto!!  
DP172 Togekissu! Kareinaru Batoru!!  
DP173 Metamon Henshin Batoru! Honmono wa Dotchi~nyo!  
DP174 Gurando Fesutibaru Kaimaku! Honoo to Kouri no Aato!!  
DP175 Manmuu Pachirisu! Kimero Kouri no Shanderia!!  
DP176 Semi Fainaru! Kesshou E Susumu no Wa!  
DP177 Kecchaku Raibaru Taiketsu! Hikari VS Nozomi!!  
DP178 Sayonara Roketto-dan! Nyaasu no Koi!  
DP179 Dengeki Batoru! Saigo no Bajji!!  
DP180 Satoshi VS Kengo! Sorezore no Funade!!  
DP181 Torejaa Hantaa Baku to Yajiron!  
DP182 Nessen Zenya! Satoshi no Pokemon Daishuugou!!  
DP183 Kaimaku! Shinou Riigu Suzuran Taikai!!  
DP184 Shinou Riigu Sankai Sen! Shinji Tai Jun!!  
DP185 Kyoufu no Torikku Ruumu! Satoshi Tai Kouhei!!  
DP186 Raibaru Kessen! Satoshi Tai Shinji!!  
DP187 Gekitou Furu Batoru! Satoshi tai Shinji!!  
DP188 Kecchaku Raibaru Batoru! Satoshi Tai Shinji!  
DP189 Shinou Riigu Junkesshou! Daakurai Toujou!!  
DP190 Pokemon Dokutaa Takeshi!  
DP191 Omoide wa Paaru! Yuujou wa Daiyamondo!!  
  Pokemon Best Wishes!  
BW001 Isshu Chihou E! Zekuromu no Kage!! 12 Feb 2011
BW002 Airisu to Kibago! 12 Feb 2011
BW003 Mijumaru! Meguroko! Kiki Ippatsu!! 19 Feb 2011
BW004 Batoru Kurabu! Nazo no Pokemon Arawaru!! 26 Feb 2011
BW005 Sanyou Jimu! VS Baoppu Hiyappu Yanappu!! 5 Mar 2011
BW006 Yume no Atochi! Munna to Mushaana!! 12 Mar 2011
BW007 Tsutaaja Getto de Meromero!? 19 Mar 2011
BW008 Darumakka to Hihidaruma! Tokeitou no Himitsu!! 26 Mar 2011
BW009 Bousou Pentoraa! Kibago Wo Sukue! 2 Apr 2011
BW010 Raibaru Batoru! Kyouteki Pururiru! 9 Apr 2011
BW011 Ishizumai! Jibun no Ie Wo Torimodose!! 16 Apr 2011
BW012 Yabukuron Sentai to Himitsukichi!? 23 Apr 2011
BW013 Chiraamii Wa Kireizuki!? 30 Apr 2011
BW014 Shippou Shitii! Hakubutsukan De Daibouken!! 7 May 2011
BW015 Shippou Jimu Sen! VS Jimu Riidaa Aroe!! 14 May 2011
BW016 Saisen Shippou Jimu! Shingi Sakuretsu!! 21 May 2011
BW017 Tamago Kara Kaetta Abarenbou!! 28 May 2011
BW018 Yaguruma no Mori! Kurumiru to Aatei!! 4 Jun 2011
BW019 Somurie Taiketsu! Ishizumai VS Futachimaru!! 11 Jun 2011
BW020 Pikachuu VS Meguroko VS Koaruhii!! 18 Jun 2011
BW021 Sukai Arou Burijji to Gochiruzeru! 25 Jun 2011
BW022 Hiun Shiti Fushide Panikku! 2 Jul 2011
BW023 Roketto Dan VS Purazuma Dan!(Zenpen)  
BW024 Roketto Dan VS Purazuma Dan!(Kouhen)  
BW025 Hiun Jimusen Junjou Haato no Mushi Pokemon Batoru! 9 Jul 2011
BW026 Hiun Shiti no Tsuri Taikai! Tsuri Somurie Dento Toujou!! 15 Oct 2011
BW027 Kawaii Kao ni Youchuui! Emonga De Shibirebire!! 16 Jul 2011
BW028 Emonga VS Tsutaaja! Boruto Chienji De Daikonran!! 23 Jul 2011
BW029 Hitomoshi Yashiki no Kowai Hanashi 30 Jul 2011
BW030 Doragon Masutaa E no Michi 6 Aug 2011
BW031 Kieta Hotachi 13 Aug 2011
BW032 Koisuru Monmen Kaze ni Notte 20 Aug 2011
BW033 Riguree to Mikakunin Hikou Buttai! 27 Aug 2011
BW034 Raibaru Batoru! Banipucchi Dokkoraa Sansen!! 3 Sep 2011
BW035 Gamadaru Maggyo! Suihen no Tatakai!! 10 Sep 2011
BW036 Doragon Basutaa Toujou! Airisu to Doryuuzu!! 17 Sep 2011
BW037 Dangoro! Rasutaa Kanon Hassha Seyo!! 24 Sep 2011
BW038 Somurie Tantei Dento! Tabunne Shissou Jiken!! 1 Oct 2011
BW039 Kaseki Fukkatsu! Kodai Kaichou Aakeosu!! 8 Oct 2011
BW040 Zoroa Za Muubii! Pokemon Naito no Densetsu!! 22 Oct 2011
BW041 Zenin Shuugou! Don Batoru!! 29 Oct 2011
BW042 Nettou Don Batoru! Tsutaaja VS Komatana!! 5 Nov 2011
BW043 Hakunetsu Don Batoru! Emonga VS Dageki!! 12 Nov 2011
BW044 Kessen Don Batoru!! Satoshi VS Airisu!! 19 Nov 2011
BW045 Nyagoshieitaa Nyaasu! Zuruzukin Settoku Sakusen!! 26 Nov 2011
BW046 Choroneko ni Goyoujin! Nyaasu to Mijumaru!! 3 Dec 2011
BW047 Oubemu to Daburan to Yume Dorobou! 10 Nov 2011
BW048 Nyagoshieetaa Nyaasu! Tsunbeaa no Mori Wo Toppa Seyo!! 17 Nov 2011
BW049 Gekisou!! Batoru Sabuuei!! (Zenpen) 31 Nov 2011
BW050 Gekisou!! Batoru Sabuuei!! (Kouhen) 7 Jan 2012
BW051 Jimu Rirdaa Wa Karisuma Moderu! Kamitsure Toujou!! 18 Feb 2012
BW052 Raimon Jimu! Kareinaru Dengeki Batoru!! 25 Feb 2012
BW053 Satoshi Dento VS Sabuuei Masutaa! 3 Mar 2012
BW054 Satoshi VS Chanpion Adeku!  
BW055 Niji no Kanata E! Marakacchi De Myuujikaru!!  
BW056 Mebukijika! Shunkashuutou Seizoroi!!  
BW057 Zuruggu To Wagamama Gochimu!  
BW058 Airisu to Monozu! Sodateya Shugyou!!  
BW059 Kaiketsu Agirudaa VS Furiiji Otoko!  
BW060 Dento to Poddo Kyoudai Batoru! Baoppu VS Yanappu  
BW061 Torunerosu VS Borutorosu VS Randorosu! (Zenpen)  
BW062 Torunerosu VS Borutorosu VS Randorosu! (Kouhen)  
BW063 Chitei no Jimusen! VS Yaakon!  
BW064 Bachuru Denchura! Denki Ishi no Horaana!!  
BW065 Tsuushin Koukan Shinka! Shubarugo to Agirudaa!!  
BW066 Kuroki Eiyuu no Iseki! Shinboraa to Desukaan!!  
BW067 Daburu Batoru! Pikachuu Warubiru VS Pendoraa Gamageroge!!  
BW068 Afuro De Go! Baffuron Wa No!!  
BW069 Fukiyose Jimu no Ea Batoru! Chousensha Dento!?  
BW070 Fukiyose Jimu! VS Fuuro Kuuchuu Kessen!!  
BW071 Nankan Toppa! Tenkuu no Tou Wo Nobore!!  
BW072 Donnamaito Kaimaku! Zuruggu VS Yanakkii!!  
BW073 Donnamaito! Kurimugan VS Kirikizan!!  
BW074 Nettou Donnamaito! Kirikizan VS Enbuou!!  
BW075 Kessen Donnamaito! Nageki VS Dageki!!  
BW076 Kibago Kyuushutsu! Aianto no Soukutsu!!  
BW077 Neji Yama no Gekitou! Abagoura no Kiseki!! (Zenpen)  
BW078 Neji Yama no Gekitou! Abagoura no Kiseki!! (Kouhen)  
BW079 Honoo no Memorii! Pokabu VS Enbuou!!  
BW080 Hachiku Toujou! Urugamosu no Hijiri Naru Yama!!  
BW081 Sekka Jimusen! Koori no Batoru Fiirudo!!  
BW082 Pokemon Somurie Taiketsu! Teisuteingu Batoru!!  
BW083 Tesshiido Kenkyuusho! Airisu to Baibanira!!  
BW084 Eiga Taiketsu! Shutsugeki Isshu Boueitai!!  
BW085 Gekitou Tachiwaki Jimu! VS Homika!! (Zenpen)  
BW086 Gekitou Tachiwaki Jimu! VS Homika!! (Kouhen)  
  Pokemon Best Wishes! 2  
BW087 Utae Meroetta! Ai no Senritsu!!  
BW088 Pocchama VS Yanappu! Kareinaru Batoru!!  
BW089 Iwaaku no Shima de Sabaibaru!  
BW090 Somurie Tantei Dento! Kieta Kumashun no Nazo!!  
BW091 Airisu to Abaremono Kairyuu!  
BW092 Junia Kappu Kaimaku! Kairyuu VS Tsunbeaa!!  
BW093 Pawaa Batoru! Airisu VS Hikari!!  
BW094 Satoshi Airisu Shuutii! Saigo no Batoru!!  
BW095 Wakare to Deai no Juniakappu!  
BW096 Seigaiha Jimusen! Mantain VS Daikenki!!  
BW097 Pokemon Hoikuen Wa Oosawagi! Washibon to Baruchai!  
BW098 Meroetta to Kaitei no Shinden!  
BW099 Reijuu Forumu Soushingeki! Isshu Saidai no Kiki!!  
BW100 Sekaiichi Kareina Pokemon!? Chirachiino VS Tsutaaja!  
BW101 Oozora to Daichi no Taggu Batoru!  
BW102 Airisu Ryuu no Sato We Kaeru!  
BW103 Souryuu Jimu! Airisu VS Shaga!!  
BW104 Chiimu Iibui Shutsudou Seyo! Pokemon Resukyuu Tai!!  
BW105 Kaimaku Isshu Riigu Higaki Taikai! Satoshi Tai Shuutii!!  
BW106 Nettou! Raibaru Batoru wo Kachinuke!  
BW107 Kibago Maigo ni Naru!  
BW108 Dageki Toujou! Satoshi Tai Keniyan!!  
BW109 Satoshi Tai Kotetsu! Himitsu Heiki Sazandora!!  
BW110 Kecchaku Isshu Riigu! Pikachuu Tai Rukario!!  
  Pokemon Best Wishes! 2 Episode N  
BW111 Araragi Kenkyuujo! Aratanaru Tabidachi!!  
BW112 Tomodachi... Sono Mei Wa N!  
BW113 Shin Jimu Riidaa! Chieren!  
BW114 Akuroma VS Hansamu! Purazuma Dan no Inbou!!  
BW115 Kiri no Sangi Bokujou! Denryuu no Akari!!  
BW116 N Futatabi! Uouguru Kyuushutsu Sakusen!!  
BW117 Isoge! Pokemon Wangan Kyuujotai!!  
BW118 Moeyo Rizaadon! VS Kairyuu!  
BW119 Purazuma Dan no Yabou! Ayatsurareta Pokemon-tachi!!  
BW120 N no Himitsu... Kiri no Kanata Ni!  
BW121 Roketto Dan VS Purazuma Dan! Nyaasu to Akuroma!!  
BW122 Shiro no Iseki! Satoshi VS N!!  
BW123 Purasuma Dan Shuugeki! Fukkatsu no Gishiki!!  
BW124 Reshiramu VS N! Risou to Shinjitsu no Kanata E!!  
  Pokemon Best Wishes! 2 Da!  
BW125 Saraba Isshu! Aratanaru Funade!!  
BW126 Amai Haniimitsu ni Wa Kiken Ga Ippai!  
BW127 Somurie Tantei Dento! Taikai Hara no Misshitsu!!  
BW128 Saraba Mijumaru!? Hotachi Kingu E no Michi  
BW129 Genei no Shima! Kiri no Naka no Zoroaaku!!  
BW130 Rotomu VS Oukido-hakase!  
BW131 Dekorora Shotou no Kaizoku Ou!  
BW132 Satoshi to Batafurii! Mata Au Nichi Made!!  
BW133 Satoshi to Airisu Ga Zekkou!? Wakare No 1 Hondou  
BW134 Jiraachi ni o Negai Wo! Nanokama no Kiseki!!  
BW135 Hikaru Enban! Oubemu-tachi no Achi!!  
BW136 Panjii Toujou! Erikiteru to Gou Gou To!!  
BW137 Otakara no Nazo! Mujintou Adobenchaa!!  
BW138 Ibuki to Airisu! Iro Chigai Kurimugan!!  
BW139 Onban Toujou! Suisei to Yusha no Densetsu!!  
BW140 Gou Gou Gougouto!  
BW141 Emonga Roketto Dan ni Hairu!  
BW142 Dento Baasasu Kouri no Chousensha! Sanyou Jimu no Kiki!!  
BW143 Besuto Uisshu! Mata Au Hi Made!!  
BW144 Ore no Yume Pokemon Masutaa!!  
  Pokemon XY  
XY001 Karosu Chihou ni Yattekita! Yume to Bouken no Hajimari!! 19 Oct 2013
XY002 Megashinka to Purizumu Tawaa! 19 Oct 2013
XY003 Keromatsu VS Yayakoma! Kuuchuu Kidou Batoru!! 1 Feb 2014
XY004 Pikachuu to Dedenne! Hoppe Suri Suri!!  
XY005 Hakudan Jimusen! Kareinaru Bibiyon no Mai Batoru!!  
XY006 Hikami Kessen! Pikachuu VS Bibiyon!!  
XY007 Serena ni Omakase!? Gekisou Saihoun Reesu!  
XY008 Pokemon Torimaa to Torimian!  
XY009 Miarejimu Kouryaku! Shitoron no Himitsu!!  
XY010 Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyaasu!!  
XY011 Chikurin no Tsuiseki! Yanchamu to Goronda!!  
XY012 Pokemon Baiyaa wo Tsukamaero! Kofuurai Gisou Sakusen!!  
XY013 Ninfia VS Keromatsu! Youchien wa Daisawagi!!  
XY014 Bukimina Amayadori! Nyasupa wa Miteita!!  
XY015 Harimaron VS Mafokushii! Daietto Batoru!?  
XY016 Dedenne Ga Pichuu De Pichuu Ga Dedenne De?!?  
XY017 Keromatsu Tai Gekogashira! Ninja Batoru!!  
XY018 Kabigon Wo Okose! Parufamu Kyuuden De Batoru Desu!  
XY019 Madamu X no Inbou! Kyoufu no Karamanero!!  
XY020 Chousen Batoru Shatou! Biora VS Zakuro!!  
XY021 Debyuu Desu! Serena to Fokko De PokeBijon!!  
XY022 Ougon no Koikingu Wo Tsuriagero!!  
XY023 Ourora no Kizuna! Amarusu to Amaruruga!!  
XY024 Kaitei no Shiro! Kuzumou to Doramidoro!!  
XY025 Shouyou Jimusen! Pikachuu VS Chigorasu!!  
XY026 Peroppafu to Peroriimu!! Amai Tatakai wa Amakunai!?  
XY027 Furabebe to Yousei no Hana!  
XY028 Chanpion Karune Toujou! Kiri no Naka no Megaasanaito!!  
XY029 Jajaan! Nisesatoshi Genru!  
XY030 Koruni to Rukario! Mega Shinka no Himitsu!!  
XY031 Rukario VS Baashamo! Shiren no Doukutsu!!  
XY032 Mega Rukario VS Mega Rukario! Namishirube no Arashi!!  
XY033 Yobiau Kokoro! Namishirube no Mukou E!!  
XY034 Mega Rukario VS Mega Kuchiito! Mega Shinka no Kizuna!!  
XY035 Mori no Chanpion! Ruchaburu Toujou!!  
XY036 Sukai Batoru!? Ruchaburu VS Faiarou!!  
XY037 Utsushimi no Dokutsu! Kagami no Kuni no Satoshi to Satoshi!?  
XY038 Ugomeku Mori no Ourotto!  
XY039 Pokemon Sama Kyanpu! Raibaru Sannin Gumi Toujou!!  
XY040 Serena VS Nana! Pokebijon Taiketsu!!  
XY041 PokeenTeeringu! Kiri no Naka Noekkusu!  
XY042 Chiimu Batoru! Dendou Iri Kessen!!  
XY043 Masutaa Tawaa! Megashinka no Rekishi!!  
XY044 Shara Jimusen! Pikachuu VS MegaRukario!!  
XY045 Shitoron VS Yuriika!? Nyaonikusu de Kyoudai Batoru!!  
XY046 Dojikko Pukurin VS Bousou Bomanda!!  
XY047 Serena Hatsu Getto!? Yanchamu VS Fokko!!  
XY048 Shitoron Omoide no Kyanpasu! Dengeki no Saikai!!  
XY049 Shutsudou Rapurasu Boueitai! Yuriika Ganbaru!  
XY050 Odore Yanchamu Misero Fokko! Ashita E no Suteppu!!  
XY051 Ruchaburu to Daaku Ruchaburu!  
XY052 Ninpou Taiketsu! Gekogashira VS Gamenodesu!!  
XY053 Serena no Honki! Gekisou Mekurureesu!!  
XY054 Karamanero VS Maaiika! Kizuna wa Sekai o Sukuu!!  
XY055 Saijaku no Doragon! Numera Toujou!!  
XY056 Dedenne Ganbaru! Numera no Tameni!!  
XY057 Banipucchi Panikku! Howaito Auto wa Kouri Goori!!  
XY058 Hiyoku Jimusen! Gekogashira VS Gougouto!!  
XY059 Satoshi to Serena no Hatsu Deeto! Chikai no Kitopure Sento!!  
XY060 Mezase Karosukuin! Serena Debyu Desu!!  
XY061 Arano no Kettou! Tatakae Numera!!  
XY062 Saiensu no Mirai Wo Mamore! Denki no Meikyuu!!  
XY063 Mayoi Michi Wa Wakaremichi!? Musashi to Sounansu!!  
XY064 Fokko VS Mafokushii! Kareinaru Pafoumansu Batoru!!  
XY065 Kameeru Raichuu Toujou! Numeiru Ganbaru!!  
XY066 Miare Shiti Sousasen! Shitoroido VS Burakku Shitoroido!!  
XY067 Miare Jimusen! Satoshi VS Shitoron!!  
XY068 Nerawareta MegaShinka! Gaburiasu no Kizuna!!  
XY069 Shicchi Tai no Tatakai! Numerugon VS Furajesu!!  
XY070 Kecchaku! Numerugon Niji no Kanata E!!  
XY071 Unsei Saiaku? Yurika VS Nyasu!!  
XY072 Kowai Ie no Omotenashi!!  
XY073 Fasshonsho de Batoru Desu! Tatsubei VS Shushupu!!  
XY074 Kunoe Jimusen! Utsukushiki Feari no Wana!!  
XY075 Raibaru Batoru Sanbon Shobu! Ashita ni Mukatte!!  
XY076 Kaze to Tamago to Onbatto!  
XY077 Chousen Pokemon Sukairire! Toube Onbatto!!  
XY078 Pikachuu wa Sutaa!? Eiga Debyu!!  
XY079 Gekitou Monsuta Bouru Koujou! Pikachuu VS Nyasu!!  
XY080 Teruna to Yanchamu!! Misero Honoo no Paafomansu!!  
XY081 Touki o Kakeru Satoshi! Rotomu no Negai!!  
XY082 Panpujin Fesutibaru! Sayonara Bakeccha!?  
XY083 Yuki-yama o Koete! Manmu to Yukino Wo!!  
XY084 Harimaron! Hajimete no Tsukai!!  
XY085 Oreta Sae Oreta Kokoro! Teerunaa no Tsuyoi Omoi!!  
XY086 Shattaa Chansu wa Faiyaa! Densetsu o Tore!!  
XY087 Yuriika Osewa Desu! Amaenbou no Chigorasu!!  
XY088 Tsuioku no Torein! Shitoron to Horubii!!  
XY089 Iibui wa Hitomishiri!? Ohanabatake de Tsukamaete!!  
XY090 Taggu Batoru wa Yuujou Batoru! Iibui Hatsu Sansen!!  
XY091 Happii Dansu wa Kuizu no Ato De!? Toraipokaron Hyakkoku Taikai!!  
XY092 Karosu no Kiki! Kyodai Hidokei no Tatakai!!  
XY093 Hyakkoku Jimu no Daburu Batoru! Kojika no Mirai Yochi!!  
  Pokemon XY & Z  
XY094 Z Bakutan! Karosu ni Hisomu Mono!!  
XY095 Nekketsu Haribougu! Nerawareta Puni-chan!!  
XY096 Megatabunne VS Gigagiganyaasu!!  
XY097 Shishiko to Kaenjishi! Honou no Tabidachi!!  
XY098 Pikachuu Puni-chan no Yume wo Miru!  
XY099 Youkoso Ninja Mura E! Eiyuu Gekkouga no Densetsu!!  
XY100 Ninja Mura Kessen! Gekogashira VS Kirikizan!!  
XY101 Odore Iibui! Torai Pokaron Debyuu!!  
XY102 Tsui no Doukutsu! Ugokidashita Z no Nazo!!  
XY103 Yuriika to Puni-chan!  
XY104 Onbatto to Furaette! Kaze no Naka no Meguriai!!  
XY105 Satoshi to Serena! Dansu Paati de Getto Da Ze!!  
XY106 Saikyou Mega Batoru! Gekkouga VS MegaRizaadon!!  
XY107 Bakuretsu Gurando Fousu! Jigarude Hokaku Sakusen!!  
XY108 Arano no Burigaron! Ki Wo Ueru Robon!!  
XY109 Masutaa Kurasu no Shiren! Dousuru Serena!?  
XY110 Sandaa to Onbaan! Ikari no Raigeki!!  
XY111 Refuto to Raito! Yureru Kokoro no Kametete!!  
XY112 Masutaa Kurasu Kaimaku! Hibanachiru Otome no Gekitou!!  
XY113 Eru VS Serena! Ake Mirai E no Tobira!!  
XY114 Shitoron no Hanayome!? Yurika no Shirubupure Panikku!!  
XY115 Serena Satoshi ni Naru! Saikyou Pikachuu Taiketsu!!  
XY116 Satoshi to Aran! Gekkouga Baasasu MegaRizaadon Futatabi!!  
XY117 Mori no Noroi to Shiroi Bokuree!  
XY118 Satoshi Tai Chanpion Karune! VS MegaSaanaito!!  
XY119 Raibaru Taiketsu! Satoshi VS Shouta!!  
XY120 Eisetsu Jimu Sen! Kouri no Batoru Firudo!!  
XY121 Mayoi no Mori... Shinka no Yoake!  
XY122 Satoshi-Gekkouga VS MegaYukinoou! Hatsudou Kyodai Sui Shuriken!!  
XY123 Mereshii Wo Sagase! Numerugon to Dedenne!!  
XY124 Bakuretsu no Karakuri Fesutibaru!  
XY125 Karosu Riigu Kaimaku! MegaRizaadon Taiketsu X Tai Y!!  
XY126 MegaJukain Tai Raichuu! Keikenchi Itadakimasu!!  
XY127 Junkesshou Furu Batoru! Satoshi Tai Shouta!!  
XY128 Raibaru Kessen! SatoshiGekkouga VS MegaJukain!!  
XY129 Gekitou Karosu Riigu! Tsudoe Subete no Atsuki Omoi Yo!!  
XY130 Kesshosen! Satoshi Tai Aran!!  
XY131 Karosu Riigu Yuushou! Satoshi Choujou Kessen!!  
XY132 Shuugeki Furea Dan! Purizumu Tawaa no Jigarude!!  
XY133 Shougeki Jigarude Tai Jigarude! Kowareyuku Sekai!!  
XY134 Totsugeki Miare Jimu! Shitoroido Yo Eien Ni!!  
XY135 Shingeki Suru Kaseki! Karosu Boueisen!!  
XY136 Hangeki no Jigarude! Karosu Saishuu Kessen!!  
XY137 Hajimari wa Zero! Shitoron no Ketsudan!!  
XY138 Satoshi to Rasuto Batoru! Serena no Sentaku!!  
XY139 Saraba SatoshiGekkouga! Kuseroshiki no Gyakushu!!  
XY140 Owarinaki Zero! Mata Au Hi Made!!  
  Pokemon Sun & Moon  
SM001 Aroura! Hajimete no Shima Hajimete no Pokemon-tachi!! 5 Dec 16
SM002 Mamorigami Kapukokeko Toujou! Chousen Ore-tachi no Z Waza!! 5 Dec 16
SM003 Yorotoshiku Boku Rotomu Zukan Roto! 13 May 17
SM004 Mokurou Toujou! Aroura De Pokemon Getto Da Ze!! 14 May 17
SM005 Ashimari Ganbarun! 15 May 17
SM006 Biribiri Chikuchiku Togedemaru! 16 May 17
SM007 Shijou no Fuuraibou Nyabii! 17 May 17
SM008 Tamago Gakari wa Dareda? 18 May 17
SM009 Nushi Pokemon wa Dekaguusu! 19 May 17
SM010 Deruka Z Waza! Daishiren E no Chousen!! 20 May 17
SM011 Satoshi Kakinchi ni Iku! 27 May 17
SM012 Kagai Jugyou wa Hidoide!? 3 Jun 17
SM013 Aroura Pankeeki Daireesu! 10 Jun 17
SM014 Yuuki no Kesshou Riirie to Rokon! 17 Jun 17
SM015 Tsumeato no Oka Iwanko to Rugarugan!! 24 Jun 17
SM016 Chiisana Sanhiki Oukina Bouken! 1 Jul 17
SM017 Aroura Tantei Rotomu! Kieta Kurisutaru no Nazo!! 1 Jul 17
SM018 Maji?!? Mao no Oryouri Daisakusen! 1 Jul 17
SM019 Dengeki Moutokkun! Kapu Kokeko to no Saisen!! 1 Jul 17
SM020 Satoshi to Pikachuu Futari no Yakusoku 1 Jul 17
SM021 Nyabii Tabidachi no Touki! 1 Jul 17
SM022 Sukoppu ni Youchui!!! 8 Jul 17
SM023 Shougeki! Dagutorio Kaisan!? 15 Jul 17
SM024 Aroura! Hajimete no Jugyou Sankan!! 22 Jul 17
SM025 Kurisutaru Soudatsu sen! Roketto Dan Tai Sukaru Dan!! 29 Jul 17
SM026 Sayonara Maamane! 5 Aug 17
SM027 Dedeyo! Akaki Manazashi Rugarugan!! 19 Aug 17
SM028 Nettou Pokebeesu! Nerae Gyakuten Houmuran!! 26 Aug 17
SM029 Nemashu no Mori de Anata mo Nemashi?? 2 Sep 17
SM030 Riirie Pikachuu Wo Kawaigatte Agete Ne 9 Sep 17
SM031 Raichi Toujou! Nai te Waratte Shima Kuiin!! 16 Sep 17
SM032 Otakara Hakken! Muurando Saachi!! 23 Sep 17
SM033 Yowashi Tsuyoshi Ike no Nushi! 30 Sep 17
SM034 Honoo no Batoru! Garagara Arawaru!! 7 Oct 17
SM035 Kareina Batoru! Rarantesu no Mai!! 14 Oct 17
SM036 Raichi no Daishiren! Ichiban Haado na Pokemon Shoubu!! 21 Oct 17
SM037 Iwanko to Inochi no Iseki no Mamorigami! 28 Oct 17
SM038 Mimikkyu no Bake no Kawa! 4 Nov 17
SM039 Iede no Mao to Yareyuutan! 11 Nov 17
SM040 Ashimari Oshamari Ikari no Dadarin! 18 Nov 17
SM041 Dasshu! Denjimushi 25 Nov 17
SM042 Kantou De Aroura! Takeshi to Kasumi!! 25 Nov 17
SM043 Jimu Batoru! Z Waza Tai Megashinka!! 9 Dec 17
SM044 Satoshi no Hoshigumo! Fushigi na Deai!!  
SM045 Hoshigumo Panikku! Terepouto wa Totsuzen Ni!!  
SM046 Henshin Metamon Sagasun Da Mon!  
SM047 Gurajio to Shiruvadi! Imashime no Kamen!!  
SM048 Zenryoku Pouzu De Otomari Kai!  
SM049 Riirie to Shiruvadi Yomigaeru Kioku!  
SM050 Zaobou no Gyakushuu! Saraware ta Hoshigumo!!  
SM051 Ganba Riirie! Ketsui no Iede!!  
SM052 Nichirin no Saidan! Sorugareo Kourin!!  
SM053 Isoge! Ruzamiine Kyuushutsu Daisakusen!!  
SM054 Kagayake Z Pawaa Ringu! Chouzenryoku no Issenman Boruto!!  
SM055 Arigatou Sorugareo! Ore-tachi no Hoshigumo!!  
SM056 Neru Ko wa Tsuyoi Nekkoara no Himitsu!