Английские описания покемонов в Gold

N Покемон Классификация Описание
001 Bulbasaur Seed The seed on its back is filled with nutrients. The seed grows steadily larger as its body grows.
002 Ivysaur Seed Exposure to sunlight adds to its strength. Sunlight also makes the bud on its back grow larger.
003 Venusaur Seed By spreading the broad petals of its flower and catching the sun's rays, it fills its body with power.
004 Charmander Lizard The flame on its tail shows the strength of its life force. If it is weak, the flame also burns weakly.
005 Charmeleon Flame It is very hot-headed by nature, so it constantly seeks opponents. It calms down only when it wins.
006 Charizard Flame If CHARIZARD becomes furious, the flame at the tip of its tail flares up in a whitish-blue color.
007 Squirtle Tinyturtle The shell is soft when it is born. It soon becomes so resilient, prodding fingers will bounce off it.
008 Wartortle Turtle It is recognized as a symbol of longevity. If its shell algae on it, that WARTORTLE is very old.
009 Blastoise Shellfish It deliberately makes itself heavy so it can withstand the recoil of the water jets it fires.
010 Caterpie Worm For protection, it releases a horrible stench from the antenna on its head to drive away enemies.
011 Metapod Cocoon Inside the shell, it is soft and weak as it prepares to evolve. It stays motionless in the shell.
012 Butterfree Butterfly It collects honey every day. It rubs honey onto the hairs on its legs to carry it back to its nest.
013 Weedle Hairy Bug Its poison stinger is very powerful. Its bright-colored body is intended to warn off its enemies.
014 Kakuna Cocoon Although it is a cocoon, it can move a little. It can extend its poison barb if it is attacked.
015 Beedrill Poison Bee It can take down any opponent with its powerful poison stingers. It sometimes attacks in swarms.
016 Pidgey Tiny Bird It usually hides in tall grass. Because it dislikes fighting, it protects itself by kicking up sand.
017 Pidgeotto Bird It has outstanding vision. However high it flies, it is able to distinguish the movements of its prey.
018 Pidgeot Bird Its well-developed chest muscles make it strong enough to whip up a gusty windstorm with just a few flaps.
019 Rattata Rat It eats anything. Wherever food is available, it will settle down and produce offspring continuously.
020 Raticate Rat Gnaws on anything with its tough fangs. It can even topple concrete buildings by gnawing on them.
021 Spearow Tiny Bird It flaps its short wings to flush out insects from tall grass. It then plucks them with its stubby beak.
022 Fearow Beak It shoots itself suddenly high into the sky, then plummets down in one fell swoop to strike its prey.
023 Ekans Snake It can freely detach its jaw to swallow large prey whole. It can become too heavy to move, however.
024 Arbok Cobra Transfixing prey with the face-like pattern on its belly, it binds and poisons the frightened victim.
025 Pikachu Mouse This intelligent POKEMON roasts hard BERRIES with electricity to make them tender enough to eat.
026 Raichu Mouse When its electricity builds, it muscles are stimulated, and it becomes more aggressive than usual.
027 Sandshrew Mouse If it fell from a great height, this POKEMON could save itself by rolling into a ball and bouncing.
028 Sandslash Mouse In a attempt to hide itself, it will run around at top speed to kick up a blinding dust storm.
029 Nidoran (F) Poison Pin The poison hidden in its small horn is extremely potent. Even a tiny scratch can have fatal results.
030 Nidorina Poison Pin When feeding its young, it first chews and tenderizes the food, then spits it out for the offspring.
031 Nidoqueen Drill Its body is covered with needle-like scales. It never shows signs of shrinking from any attack.
032 Nidoran (M) Poison Pin It is small, but its horn is filled with poison. It charges then stabs with the horn to inject poison.
033 Nidorino Poison Pin It raises its big ears to check its surroundings. If it senses anything, it attacks immediately.
034 Nidoking Drill It swings its big tail around during battle. If its foe flinches, it will charge with its sturdy body.
035 Clefairy Fairy The moonlight that it stores in the wings on its back apparently gives it the ability to float in midair.
036 Clefable Fairy With its acute hearing, it can pick up sounds from far away. It usually hides in quiet places.
037 Vulpix Fox As it develops, its single white tail gains color and splits into six. It is quite warm and cuddly.
038 Ninetales Fox Some legends claim that each of its nine tails has its own unique type of special mystical power.
039 Jigglypuff Balloon If it inflates to SING a lullaby, it can perform longer and cause sure drowsiness in its audience.
040 Wigglytuff Balloon Their fur feels so good that if two of them snuggle together, they won't want to be separated.
041 Zubat Bat While flying, it constantly emits ultrasonic waves from its mouth to check its surroundings.
042 Golbat Bat However hard its victim's hide may be, it punctures with sharp fangs and gorges itself with blood.
043 Oddish Weed Awakened by moonlight, it roams actively at night. In the day, it stays quietly underground.
044 Gloom Weed What appears to be drool is actually sweet honey. It is very sticky and clings stubbornly if touched.
045 Vileplume Flower It has the world's largest petals. With every step, the petals shake out heavy clouds of toxic pollen.
046 Paras Mushroom It is doused with mushroom spores when it is born. As its body grows, mushrooms sprout from its back.
047 Parasect Mushroom It stays mostly in dark, damp places, the preference not of the bug, but of the big mushrooms on its back.
048 Venonat Insect Its eyes also function as radar units. It catches and eats small bugs that hide in darkness.
049 Venomoth Poisonmoth When it attacks, it flaps its large wings violently to scatter its poisonous powder all around.
050 Diglett Mole Its skin is very thin. If it is exposed to light, its blood heats up, causing it to grow weak.
051 Dugtrio Mole Its three heads bob separately up and down to loosen the soil nearby, making it easier for it to burrow.
052 Meowth Scratchcat It is fascinated by round objects. It can't stop playing with them until it tires and falls asleep.
053 Persian Classy Cat Many adore it for its sophisticated air. However, it will lash out and scratch for little reason.
054 Psyduck Duck It has mystical powers but doesn't recall that it has used them. That is why it always looks puzzled.
055 Golduck Duck When it swims at full speed using its long, webbed limbs, its forehead somehow begins to glow.
056 Mankey Pig Monkey It is extremely ill-tempered. Groups of them will attack any handy target for no reason.
057 Primeape Pig Monkey If approached while asleep, it may awaken and angrily give chase in a groggy state of semi-sleep.
058 Growlithe Puppy It has a brave and trustworthy nature. It fearlessly stands up to bigger and stronger foes.
059 Arcanine Legendary This legendary Chinese POKEMON is considered magnificent. Many people are enchanted by its grand mane.
060 Poliwag Tadpole Because it is inept at walking on its newly grown legs, it always swims around in water.
061 Poliwhirl Tadpole The swirl on its belly subtly undulates. Staring at it may gradually cause drowsiness.
062 Poliwrath Tadpole This strong and skilled swimmer is even capable of crossing the Pacific Ocean just by kicking.
063 Abra Psi It senses impending attacks and TELEPORTS away to safety before the actual attacks can strike.
064 Kadabra Psi It possesses strong spiritual power. The more danger it faces, the stronger its psychic power.
065 Alakazam Psi Closing both its eyes heightens all its other senses. This enables it to use its abilities to their extremes.
066 Machop Superpower Always brimming with power, it passes time by lifting boulders. Doing so makes it even stronger.
067 Machoke Superpower It always goes at its full power, but this very tough and durable POKEMON never gets tired.
068 Machamp Superpower It quickly swings its four arms to rock its opponents with ceaseless punches and chops from all angels.
069 Bellsprout Flower Even though its body is extremely skinny, it is blindingly fast when catching its prey.
070 Weepinbell Flycatcher Even though it is filled with ACID, it does not melt because it also oozes a neutralizing fluid.
071 Victreebel Flycatcher ACID that has dissolved many prey becomes sweeter, making it even more effective at attracting prey.
072 Tentacool Jellyfish When the tide goes out, dehydrated TENTACOOL remains can be found washed up on the shore.
073 Tentakruel Jellyfish Its 80 tentacles absorb water and stretch almost endlessly to CONSTRICT its prey and enemies.
074 Geodude Rock Most people may not notice, but a closer look should reveal that there are many GEODUDE around.
075 Graveler Rock With a free and uncaring nature, it doesn't mind if pieces break off while it rolls down mountains.
076 Golem Megaton It sheds its skin once a year. The discarded shell immediately hardens and crumbles away.
077 Ponyta Fire Horse It is a weak runner immediately after birth. It gradually becomes faster by chasing after its parents.
078 Rapidash Fire Horse At full gallop, its four hooves barely touch the ground because it moves so incredibly fast.
079 Slowpoke Dopey It lazes vacantly near water. If something bites its tail, it won't even notice for a whole day.
080 Slowbro Hermitcrab If the tail-biting SHELLDER is thrown off in a harsh battle, it reverts to being an ordinary SLOWPOKE.
081 Magnemite Magnet It is attracted by electromagnetic waves. It may approach trainers if they are using their POKEGEAR.
082 Magneton Magnet Three MAGNEMITE are linked by a strong magnetic force. Earaches will occur if you get too close.
083 Farfetch'd Wild Duck If anyone tries to disturb where the essential plant sticks grow, it uses its own stick to thwart them.
084 Doduo Twin Bird By alternately raising and lowering its two heads, it balances itself to be more stable while running.
085 Dodrio Triplebird It collects data and plans three times as wisely, but it may think too much and become immobilized.
086 Seel Sea Lion Although it can't walk well on land, it is a graceful swimmer. It especially loves being in frigid seas.
087 Dewgong Sea Lion Its streamlined body has little drag in water. The colder the temperature, the friskier it gets.
088 Grimer Sludge As it moves, it loses bits of its body from which new GRIMER emerge. This worsens the stench around it.
089 Muk Sludge They love to gather in smelly areas where sludge accumulates, making the stench around them worse.
090 Shellder Bivalve It swims facing backward by opening and closing its two-piece shell. It is surprisingly fast.
091 Cloyster Bivalve Once it slams its shell shut, it is impossible to open, even by those with superior strength.
092 Gastly Gas With its gas-like body, it can sneak into any place it desires. However, it can be blown away by wind.
093 Haunter Gas In total darkness, where nothing is visible, HAUNTER lurks, silently stalking its next victim.
094 Gengar Shadow It steals heat from its surroundings. If you feel a sudden chill, it is certain that a GENGAR appeared.
095 Onix Rock Snake It twists and squirms through the ground. The thunderous roar of its tunneling echoes a long way.
096 Drowzee Hypnosis If you think that you had a good dream, but you can't remember it, a DROWZEE has probably eaten it.
097 Hypno Hypnosis When it is very hungry, it puts humans it meets to sleep, then it feasts on their dreams.
098 Krabby River Crab If it senses danger approaching, it cloaks itself with bubbles from its mouth so it will look bigger.
099 Kingler Pincer It can hardly lift its massive, overgrown pincer. The pincer's size makes it difficult to aim properly.
100 Voltorb Ball It rolls to move. If the ground is uneven, a sudden jolt from hitting a bump can cause it to explode.
101 Electrode Ball It is dangerous. If it has too much electricity and has nothing to do, it amuses itself by exploding.
102 Exeggcute Egg The shell is very durable. Even if it cracks, it can survive without spilling the contents.
103 Exeggutor Coconut Its three heads think independently. However, they are friendly and never appear to squabble.
104 Cubone Lonely If it is sad or lonely, the skull it wears shakes, and emits a plaintive and mournful sound.
105 Marowak Bonekeeper It has been seen pounding boulders with the bone it carries in order to tap out messages to others.
106 Hitmonlee Kicking This amazing POKEMON has a awesome sense of balance. It can kick in succession from any position.
107 Hitmonchan Punching Its punches slice the air. However, it seems to need a short break after fighting for three minutes.
108 Lickitung Licking Its tongue has well-developed nerves that run to the very tip, so it can be deftly manipulated.
109 Koffing Poison Gas Its thin, filmy body is filled with gases that cause constant sniffles, coughs and teary eyes.
110 Weezing Poison Gas If one of the twin KOFFING inflates, the other one deflates. It constantly mixes its poisonous gases.
111 Rhyhorn Spikes It is inept at turning because of its four short legs. It can only charge and run in one direction.
112 Rhydon Drill Its rugged hide protects it from even the heat of lava. However, the hide also makes it insensitive.
113 Chansey Egg It walks carefully to prevent its egg from breaking. However, it is extremely fast at running away.
114 Tangela Vine The vines that cloak its entire body are always jiggling. They effectively unnerve its foes.
115 Kangaskhan Parent If it is safe, the young gets out of the belly pouch to play. The adult keeps a close eye on the youngster.
116 Horsea Dragon If attacked by a larger enemy, it quickly swims to safety by adeptly controlling its dorsal fin.
117 Seadra Dragon An examination of its cells revealed the presence of a gene not found in HORSEA. It became a hot topic.
118 Goldeen Goldfish Its dorsal, pectoral and tail fins wave elegantly in water. That is why it is known as the water dancer.
119 Seaking Goldfish During spawning season, SEAKING gather from all over, coloring the rivers a brilliant red.
120 Staryu Starshape At night, the center of its body slowly flickers with the same rhythm as a human heartbeat.
121 Starmie Mysterious The center section of its body is called the core. It glows in a different color each time it is seen.
122 Mr. Mime Barrier A skilled mime from birth, it gains the ability to create invisible objects as it matures.
123 Scyther Mantis It slashes through grass with its sharp scythes, moving too fast for the human eye to track.
124 Jinx Humanshape It rocks its body rhythmically. It appears to alter the rhythm depending on how it is feeling.
125 Electabuzz Electric Electricity runs across the surface of its body. In darkness, its entire body glows a whitish-blue.
126 Magmar Spitfire It dislikes cold places, so it blows scorching flames to make the environment suitable for itself.
127 Pinsir Stagbeetle With its horns, it digs burrows to sleep in at night. In the morning, damp soil clings to its body.
128 Tauros Wild Bull They fight each other by locking horns. The herd's protector takes pride in its battle-scarred horns.
129 Magikarp Fish An underpowered, pathetic POKEMON. It may jump high on rare occasions, but never more than seven feet.
130 Gyarados Atrocious They say that during past wars, GYARADOS would appear and leave blazing ruins in its wake.
131 Lapras Transport They have gentle hearts. Because they rarely fight, many have been caught. Their number has dwindled.
132 Ditto Transform It can transform into anything. When it sleeps, it changes into a stone to avoid being attacked.
133 Eevee Evolution It has the ability to alter the composition of its body suit its surrounding environment.
134 Vaporeon Bubble Jet When VAPOREON's fins begin to vibrate, it is a sign that rain will come within a few hours.
135 Jolteon Lightning It concentrates the weak electric charges emitted by its cells and launches wicked lightning bolts.
136 Flareon Flame It stores some of the air it inhales in its internal flame pouch, which heats it to over 3,000 degrees.
137 Porygon Virtual It is a manmade POKEMON. Since it doesn't breathe, people are eager to try it in any environment.
138 Omanyte Spiral Revived from an ancient fossil, this POKEMON uses air stored in its shell to sink and rise in water.
139 Omastar Spiral Apparently, it cracked SHELLDER's shell with its sharp fangs and sucked out the insides.
140 Kabuto Shellfish On rare occasions, some have been found as fossils which they became while hiding on the ocean floor.
141 Kabutops Shellfish In the water, it tucks in its limbs to become more compact, then it wiggles its shell to swim fast.
142 Aerodactyl Fossil A vicious POKEMON from the distant past, it appears to have flown by spreading its wings and gliding.
143 Snorlax Sleeping What sounds like its cry may actually be its snores or the rumblings of its hungry belly.
144 Articuno Freeze The magnificent, seemingly translucent wings of this legendary bird POKEMON are said to be made of ice.
145 Zapdos Electric This legendary bird POKEMON causes savage thunderstorms by flapping its glittering wings.
146 Moltres Flame This legendary POKEMON scatters embers with every flap of its wings. It is a thrilling sight to behold.
147 Dratini Dragon It is born large to start with. It repeatedly sheds its skin as it steadily grows longer.
148 Dragonair Dragon They say that if it emits an aura from its whole body, the weather will begin to change instantly.
149 Dragonite Dragon It is said that this POKEMON constantly flies over the immense seas and rescues drowning people.
150 Mewtwo Genetic Because its battle abilities were raised to the ultimate level, it thinks only of defeating its foes.
151 Mew New Specie Apparently, it appears only to those people who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to see it.
152 Chikorita Leaf A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays.
153 Bayleaf Leaf The scent of spices comes from around its neck. Somehow, sniffing it makes you want to fight.
154 Meganium Herb The aroma that rises from its petals contains a substance that calms aggressive feelings.
155 Cyndaquil Fire Mouse It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection.
156 Quilava Volcano Be careful if it turns its back during battle. It means that it will attack with the fire on its back.
157 Typhlosion Volcano If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames.
158 Totodile Big Jaw Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful.
159 Croconaw Big Jaw If it loses a fang, a new one grows back in its place. There are always 48 fangs lining its mouth.
160 Feraligatr Big Jaw When it bites with its massive and powerful jaws, it shakes its head and savagely tears its victim up.
161 Sentret Scout A very cautious POKEMON, it raises itself up using its tail to get a better view of its surroundings.
162 Furret Long Body It makes a nest to suit its long and skinny body. The nest is impossible for other POKEMON to enter.
163 Hoothoot Owl It always stands on one foot. It changes feet so fast, the movement can rarely be seen.
164 Noctowl Owl Its eyes are specially adapted. They concentrate even faint light and enable it to see in the dark.
165 Ledyba Five Star It is very timid. It will be afraid to move if it is alone. But it will be active if it is in a group.
166 Ledian Five Star When the stars flicker in the night sky, it flutters about, scattering a glowing powder.
167 Spinarak Stringspit It lies still in the same pose for days in its web, waiting for its unsuspecting prey to wander close.
168 Ariados Long Leg It spins string not only from its rear but also from its mouth. It is hard to tell which end is which.
169 Crobat Bat It flies so silently through the dark on its four wings that it may not be noticed even when nearby.
170 Chinchou Angler It shoots positive and negative electricity between the tips of its two antennae and zaps its enemies.
171 Lanturn Light The light it emits is so bright that it can illuminate the sea's surface from a depth of over three miles.
172 Pichu Tiny Mouse It is not yet skilled at storing electricity. It may send out a jolt if amused or startled.
173 Cleffa Starshape Because of its unusual, star-like silhouette, people believe that it came here on a meteor.
174 Igglybuff Balloon It has a very soft body. If it starts to roll, it will bounce all over and be impossible to stop.
175 Togepi Spike Ball The shell seems to be filled with joy. It is said that it will share good luck when treated kindly.
176 Togetic Happiness They say that it will appear before kindhearted, caring people and shower them with happiness.
177 Natu Little Bird Because its wings aren't yet fully grown, it has to hop to get around. It is always staring at something.
178 Xatu Mystic They say that it stays still and quiet because it is seeing both the past and future at the same time.
179 Mareep Wool If static electricity builds in its body, its fleece doubles in volume. Touching it will shock you.
180 Flaaffy Wool As a result of storing too much electricity, it developed patches where even downy wool won't grow.
181 Ampharos Light The tail's tip shines brightly and can be seen from far away. It acts as a beacon for lost people.
182 Bellossom Flower BELLOSSOM gather at times and appear to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun.
183 Marill Aquamouse The tip of its tail, which contains oil that is lighter than water, lets it swim without drowning.
184 Azumarill Aquarabbit By keeping still and listening intently, it can tell what is in even wild, fast-moving rivers.
185 Sudowoodo Imitation Although it always pretends to be a tree, its composition appears to be closer to a rock than a plant.
186 Politoed Frog If POLIWAG and POLIWHIRL hear its echoing cry, they respond by gathering from far and wide.
187 Hoppip Cottonweed To keep from being blown away by the wind, they gather in clusters. They do enjoy gentle breezes, though.
188 Skiploom Cottonweed The bloom on top of its head opens and closes as the temperature fluctuates up and down.
189 Jumpluff Cottonweed Once it catches the wind, it deftly controls its cotton-puff spores to float, even around the world.
190 Aipom Long Tail Its tail is so powerful that it can use it to grab a tree branch and hold itself up in the air.
191 Sunkern Seed It may drop out of the sky suddenly. If attacked by a SPEAROW, it will violently shake its leaves.
192 Sunflora Sun It converts sunlight into energy. In the darkness after sunset, it closes its petals and becomes still.
193 Yanma Clear Wing If it flaps its wings really fast, it can generate shock waves that will shatter windows in the area.
194 Wooper Water Fish This POKEMON lives in cold water. It will leave the water to search for food when it gets cold outside.
195 Quagsire Water Fish This carefree POKEMON has an easy-going nature. While swimming, it always bumps into boat hulls.
196 Espeon Sun It uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy's actions.
197 Umbreon Moonlight When agitated, this POKEMON protects itself by spraying poisonous sweat from its pores.
198 Murkrow Darkness Feared and loathed by many, it is believed to bring misfortune to all those who see it at night.
199 Slowking Royal It has incredible intellect and intuition. Whatever the situation, it remains calm and collected.
200 Misdreavus Screech It likes playing mischievous tricks such as screaming and wailing to startle people at night.
201 Unown Symbol Their shapes look like hieroglyphs on ancient tablets. It is said that the two are somehow related.
202 Wobbuffet Paitient It hates light and shock. If attacked, it inflates its body to pump up its counter-strike.
203 Girafarig Long Neck Its tail has a small brain of its own. Beware! If you get close, it may react to your scent and bite.
204 Pineco Bagworm It likes to make its shell thicker by adding layers of tree bark. The additional weight doesn't bother it.
205 Forretress Bagworm Its entire body is shielded by a steel-hard shell. What lurks inside the armor is a total mystery.
206 Dunsparce Land Snake When spotted, this POKEMON escapes backward by furiously boring into the ground with its tail.
207 Gligar Flyscorpio It flies straight at its target's face then clamps down on the startled victim to inject poison.
208 Steelix Iron Snake Its body has been compressed deep under the ground. As a result, it is even harder than a diamond.
209 Snubbull Fairy Although it looks frightening, it is actually kind and affectionate. It is very popular among women.
210 Granbull Fairy It is actually timid and easily spooked. If attacked, it flails about to fend off its attacker.
211 Qwilfish Balloon To fire its poison spikes, it must inflate its body by drinking over 2.6 gallons of water all at once.
212 Scizor Scissors It swings its eye-patterned pincers up to scare its foes. This makes it look like it has three heads.
213 Shuckle Mold The BERRIES it stores in its vase-like shell decompose and become a gooey liquid.
214 Heracross Singlehorn This powerful POKEMON thrusts its prized horn under its enemies' bellies then lifts and throws them.
215 Sneasel Sharp Claw Its paws conceal sharp claws. If attacked, it suddenly extends the claws and startles its enemy.
216 Teddiursa Little Bear If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because they are soaked with honey.
217 Ursaring Hibernant Although it is a good climber, it prefers to snap trees with its forelegs and eat fallen BERRIES.
218 Slugma Lava It never sleeps. It has to keep moving because if it stopped, its magma body would cool and harden.
219 Magcargo Lava The shell on its back is just skin that has cooled and hardened. It breaks easily with a slight touch.
220 Swinub Pig It rubs its snout on the ground to find and dig up food. It sometimes discovers hot springs.
221 Piloswine Swine Because the long hair all over its body obscures its sight, it just keeps charging repeatedly.
222 Corsola Coral It continuously sheds and grows. The tip of its head is prized as a treasure for its beauty.
223 Remoraid Jet It has superb accuracy. The water it shoots out can strike even moving prey from more than 300 feet.
224 Octillery Jet It traps enemies with its suction-cupped tentacles then smashes them with its rock-hard head.
225 Delibird Delivery It carries food all day long. There are tales about lost people who were saved by the food it had.
226 Mantine Kite As it majestically swims, it doesn't care if REMORAID attach to it for scavenging its leftovers.
227 Skarmory Armor Bird Its sturdy wings look heavy, but they are actually hollow and light, allowing it to fly freely in the sky.
228 Houndour Dark It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey.
229 Houndoom Dark If you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away.
230 Kingdra Dragon It is said that it usually hides in underwater caves. It can create whirlpools by yawning.
231 Phanpy Long Nose It swings its long snout around playfully, but because it is so strong, that can be dangerous.
232 Donphan Armor It has sharp, hard tusks and a rugged hide. Its TACKLE is strong enough to knock down a house.
233 Porigon2 Virtual This upgraded version of PORYGON is designed for space exploration. It can't fly, though.
234 Stantler Big Horn The curved antlers subtly change the flow of air to create a strange space where reality is distorted.
235 Smeargle Painter A special fluid oozes from the tip of its tail. It paints the fluid everywhere to mark its territory.
236 Tyrogue Scuffle It is always bursting with energy. To make itself stronger, it keeps on fighting even if it loses.
237 Hitmontop Handstand If you become enchanted by its smooth, elegant, dance-like kicks, you may get drilled hard.
238 Smoochum Kiss Its lips are the most sensitive parts on its body. It always uses its lips first to examine things.
239 Elekid Electric It rotates its arms to generate electricity, but it tires easily, so it charges up only a little bit.
240 Magby Live Coal Each and every time it inhales and exhales, hot embers dribble out of its mouth and nostrils.
241 Miltank Milk Cow Its milk is packed with nutrition, making it the ultimate beverage for the sick or weary.
242 Blissey Happiness Anyone who takes even one bite of BLISSEY's egg becomes unfailingly caring and pleasant to everyone.
243 Raikou Thunder The rain clouds it carries let it fire thunderbolts at will. They say that it descended with lightning.
244 Entei Volcano Volcanoes erupt when it barks. Unable to restrain its extreme power, it races headlong around the land.
245 Suicune Aurora Said to be the reincarnation of north winds, it can instantly purify filthy, murky water.
246 Larvitar Rock Skin It feeds on soil. After it has eaten a large mountain, it will fall asleep so it can grow.
247 Pupitar Hard Shell Its shell is as hard as sheet rock, and it is also very strong. Its THRASHING can topple a mountain.
248 Tyranitar Armor Its body can't be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies.
249 Lugia Diving It is said that it quietly spends its time deep at the bottom of the sea because its powers are too strong.
250 Ho-oh Rainbow Legends claim this POKEMON flies the world's skies continuously on its magnificent seven-colored wings.
251 Celebi
Timetravel This POKEMON wanders across time. Grass and trees flourish in the forests in which it has appeared.

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